Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Made My Deadline!

There's nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a writing project and meeting a deadline. Come, share in my joy!

The project was 7 devotions for the Concordia Publishing House "My Devotions" quarterly magazine. I've been writing these for a while, but didn't realize how long until I pulled out my file to check... 13 years! It's hard to believe, but I've written nearly 100 of these. Yowza!

A lot's changed in 13 years. The editor I started working with has retired and I work with another great editor, the magazine went from monthly to quarterly, and now there are four authors featured per month instead of three. (And did I mention I've got some gray hairs now? This in no way is a result of the work!) But I love the fact that it gives me the oportunity to share the Gospel and the love of God with kids.

So now that one project is wrapped up, I move on to the next one... my WIP. I work much better with a deadline, so I've given myself one. My goal is to have my WIP completed before I leave for the ACFW conference in September. That means I have 34 days to write about 20,000 more words. Can it be done? Yes, but only if I keep my butt in my chair and do the work!

How about you? Any goals you've set for yourself? Any projects you're chomping at the bit to finish? May God give us strength!

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