Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Won!

David CookDavid Cook, that is!

Yep, I watched the American Idol finale... all two hours of it. Could have done without the plug for "The Love Guru" but other than that, it was pretty enjoyable. In case you missed it, here were my favorite moments:

  • Seal singing with Syesha - No, not "a seal" but the singer Seal. Yowza, that man got's an awesome voice. Heidi Klum, you are one lucky woman!
  • David Cook singing with ZZ Top - This is what I love about David C. He can sing anything: rock songs, ballads, show tunes, even eighties standards. The only thing missing was the twirling guitars (guess they can only do that in videos)
  • Gladys Knight and the Pips - in this case, the Pips were Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. Black and his amazing trained eyebrows stole the show, as usual.
  • Simon Cowell admitting that he got it wrong - Last night, Cowell crowed that David A. won with a "knockout." But after watching it back, he realized he made a mistake. Oops. It was quite nice of him to admit it, though.
  • Not having to see David A. quiver and pass out - That was my big fear if the younger finalist won... that he would finally have a complete emotional breakdown right there on the stage. I'm so glad we were all spared that. And now David A. will go on to great success (remember, Clay Aiken came in second, and that worked out okay for him).

So congrats to David Cook. Not only is he an incredible performer, he seems like a truly nice guy. And I'm so thrilled that the person I've wanted to win from the beginning actually did! (This is especially satisfying because I don't vote... never have, never will. But I send really good thoughts out into the ozone.) So that's it for American Idol until January. Now, on to So You Think You Can Dance!


Darlene Franklin said...

Hey, Jen! I blogged about American Idol as well. :) We have a bet going at work, with the losers taking the winner out to lunch. We're waiting until the 4th member returns from vacation, but I have a chance!

We chose the man and the woman we felt would go the farthest, and one tie-breaker of either sex. I chose David C., Brooke, and Chiquezi. Well ... I figure I have a chance. :)

Jennifer AlLee said...

Hey Darlene,

How fun! Brooke was one of my top picks, too. There were a lot of really talented singers this time around, but I was so glad David C. won. I just think he has a really unique style.

Good luck on your contest!