Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Grammy Ramblings

I was completely zonked by the time the Grammys were over Sunday night, and yesterday I already had a guest scheduled, so here are my slightly tardy Grammy ramblings:

Robert Plant, yes, sometimes the mic is too low, but just how tall do you think you are?

Kid Rock, I like some of your songs, but you are NOT my rock 'n' roll Jesus. Just to be clear.

Note to Adele: Please spit out your gum before you go on stage to accept your award. Thanks.

M.I.A. - Props for performing on the day your baby is due, but did you have to wear the ugliest maternity outfit ever?

Blink 182, thanks for letting us know you're back. Sorry to tell you, I didn't know you'd gone anywhere.

Justin Timberlake... Dude, is there anything you can't do? Loved your set with Rev. Al Green.

Queen Latifah and Morgan Freeman, I've got one word for both of you: More!

And finally, to Katy Perry... we know you kissed a girl. We know you liked it. Enough already. From your entrance in the middle of the descending banana to those half-hearted dance moves (and I use the word dance lightly) the whole thing was a hot mess. Time to move on.

So what about you, friends? Any highlights or low lights still fresh in your mind? Discuss...


Evangeline Denmark said...

I didn't watch the Grammy's so I was almost spared seeing that awful outfit. Thanks for inflicting it on me, Jen. Just kidding, who doesn't love those "Best Dressed and Worst Dressed" magazine issues?

Jennifer AlLee said...

HA! Sorry to burn your retinas with that image. There was another really bad one that sticks in my mind. It looked like a fancier version of the potato sack dress Ricky had made for Lucy in Paris. Be thankful I spared you that one!