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Supporting the Dreams of Others by Cheryl Wyatt - WIN HER BOOK!

It's my great pleasure to welcome back today's guest, author Cheryl Wyatt!

Supporting the
of Others

When we got married over ten years ago, my husband was a business owner by profession and a music guy by hobby. I was a Registered Nurse and Crisis Intervention Counselor by profession and a writer by hobby. Both of our hobbies were something we each dreamed of being able to pursue full-time. Fast forward to my first pregnancy. I was put on bed rest for preterm labor. I had two choices, either succumb to death by boredom while fear of losing the baby ruled my life...or distract myself. So, resting there day after day staring at the same four walls, I decided to start writing down all the stories that had been rushing through my imagination for decades. I wrote undercover for a couple of years before word got out. Actually my husband figured it out and told EVERYONE at church. I'd finished the world's worst manuscript...yet the wonderful man told everyone at church that I'd be on the New York Times Bestselling list soon. LOL! Now THAT's belief.

Because he was so supportive and encouraging of my writing dream, I started praying that he would be able to pursue sound gigs and music more. Over the next several years as we championed one another's dreams, I saw God open door after door after door. It took sacrifice on my part. Sacrificing time mostly. I couldn't always go with him on his sound gigs. He runs audio for a great many Christian and some nationally known Country and Rock artists at festivals, concerts, benefits, Etc. But there are times when I'm buried away for days trying to finish a book and meet deadlines. So we champion each other's dreams by trading time. We do spend quite a bit of time together since we both work out of the home. This is a HUGE fulfillment of a dream of mine to be able to pursue our dreams without sacrificing family time.

We've been involved in NASCAR ministry so there are frequent getaways where we enjoy each other. We have lots of great moments of reaching out in a low key way with our friends, but we also have lots of laughter. One of the funniest moments in my entire life was one day when our car was being given a police escort from the race along with the band, the tour bus, the campers, Etc and a large group of people mistook my husband for Ted Nugent and rushed our SUV. Very funny incident. But times our dreams take us apart for a few hours or days, I try to remember that his music ministry is as important to him as my writing is to me. This past year God has started doing this neat thing where, on occasion, He's started to combine our dreams. One way God has done this was to open the opportunity for my husband to run audio at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference. ( I hope to see many of you there! If you happen to see a cute audio guy who looks like a rocker dude, be sure to come up to him and say, "Ted Nugent! Can I have your autograph dude?" LOL! Seriously, he really looks more like Steven Tyler than Ted. And my rocker dude's name is Billy. If you're ever lucky enough to meet this man who has championed my dreams and taught me how to champion his back by trading time, prayers and mutual respect, be sure to tell him thank you for being part of the reason I am able to write. And if you ever meet this man, you will see the number one inspiration outside of the characteristics of Jesus for how I can write such great heroes in my books.


Cheryl Wyatt's closest friends would never dream the mayhem she plots during announcements at church. An RN-turned-SAHM, joyful chaos rules her home, and she delights in the stealth moments God gives her to write. She's convinced that having been born on a Naval base on Valentine's Day destined her to write military romance. She stays active in her church and in her laundry room. Her debut novels (Books 1 and 2-Wings of Refuge Series-Steeple Hill) received Romantic Times Top Picks. In addition, her debut books received the honor of coming in at #1 and #4 on eHarlequins's Top Ten Most-Blogged-About-Books, lists which included several NYT Bestselling authors.

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ABOUT THE BOOK – A Soldier’s Reunion

Despite a decade apart, this isn’t the reunion Mandy Manchester expected! She thought she’d put high school sweetheart Nolan Briggs behind her. Now he’s back…and the pararescue jumper literally sweeps her off her feet. He’s ready and willing to rekindle what they once shared.

Mandy, though, isn’t prepared to put her heart at risk. He left her before—she won’t trust him again. Can Nolan teach this grounded girl to take a leap of faith?


If you’d like to be entered to win a copy of A Soldier’s Reunion, just leave a reply to this blog. Because of my crazy schedule you get extra time on this one... I’ll pick a winner at random on June 12th. Please leave an email address so I can contact you if you're the winner. (To prevent spammers from trolling for your email, please use this format with the brackets--you [at] yourmail [dot] com--or something similar.) Good luck!


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I'd like to be included!

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I loved hearing about Cheryl's story of dreams coming true. Please include me in the drawing, thanks.


Cheryl Wyatt said...

Thanks Jen for hosting me here on your fabulous blog!

Thanks to tetewa and mez for stopping by!


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Love to read more of Cheryl's books!
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Thanks, Reborn Butterfly, for dropping by!


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Cheryl is a delightful author! I haven't read this book, yet.
Please enter me in your drawing.
Many thanks, Cindi

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What a team you and your husband make, boosting each other up in your dreams. Please enter me in your drawing. Thank you.

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What a great story, Cheryl. It's always a blessing to have the hubbies on board. I can't wait to read A Soldier's Reunion.

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This post just made me smile. It's great how you support each other! I hope to have a husband like that some day. Us dreamers, so demanding. :)


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Cheryl -- WONDERFUL and inspiring blog, my friend, and Jen, thanks for hosting this giveaway. I am really excited to read Cheryl's new book, so throw my hat in the ring, please!



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I love cheryl's books and would love to win a copy. This is a great series. Thanks for the interview. I loved that inspirational story of their two dreams being supported by one another.


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Thanks guys for all of your great comments! Your support means so much.



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Thanks to all who commented on Cheryl's post. The winner of her new book is... ~Ley! Congrats :+}