Monday, October 19, 2009

Promotional Opportunities for Published Authors


A little over a month ago, I took over as the Las Vegas Christian Fiction Examiner on The good people of Vegas (and beyond) need to know how much great Christian fiction is out there, and how cool all you authors are, and I aim to tell them.

But what if you don't write Christian fiction? Or what if you write non-fiction? Well, I'm the Las Vegas Writing Examiner, too. I'm also the Las Vegas Pop Culture Examiner. So there's a place somewhere for me to talk about your book!

I'm starting two new, ongoing features:
  • Take 5 Interviews - Short interviews with authors. As the title indicates, just five questions. There will be no book giveaways attached to these, but I'll link to your website as well as that of your publisher, your blog, and anything else of interest to readers.
  • The Story Behind the Story - Is there an interesting story behind the creation of your novel? Some event that sparked the initial idea? Something amazing you discovered during the research phase that turned the plot around? A fan response so touching that it changed you? I want to share those stories here. And if somehow, you have some Las Vegas connection, even better... but not at all necessary.

I'm extending this invitation to ALL published authors. Yes, oh self-pubbed ones, that means you, too. There's so much talk about self publishing and POD right now, readers will be interested in your input as well.
In addition to the above two features, I want to keep readers updated on industry news. If you have a publicist or marketing department contact who would like to put me on their Press Release mailing list, please pass on my email address.
If you have any questions or would like to participate, let me know.


Jenny B. Jones said...

Jen, your new blog design is super spiffy! Very chic! I like it a lot.

Jennifer AlLee said...

Thanks, Jenny!