Monday, February 1, 2010

Four Books & A Website Take Off Today!

It's a big day today! Here's just a sampling of what's new in Christian entertainment...


The Pastor's Wife - Yes sir, it's my baby! And in my quest for world domination, I'll be popping up all over the web. This week I'm the featured author over at the ACFW website. And I've got a blog tour running. I'd love it if you'd stop in and say "Hi."

Walking on Broken Glass - Author Christa Allan's debut novel is a honest look into the live of a woman searching for sobriety.

The Big Five-OH! - Sandie Bricker offers up a laugh-out-loud story about a woman who survived cancer... but can she survive her 50th birthday?

Deliver Us From Evil - Robin Caroll's latest novel is full of fast-paced suspense and takes a hard look at human trafficking.


Clash Entertainment - Ken Raney (husband of award-winning author Deborah Raney) presents an awesome new site for teens. It's full of contests, games, free stuff, news about books, movies, TV, sports, and lots more. You've got to check it out and tell the young people in your life about it.


I can't forget the pop-culture highlights of the week.. tomorrow the Academy Award nominations will be announced. (It will be interesting to see who the 10 best picture nominees are.) But bigger than that, the event we've all (and by "all" I mean "me") been waiting for... LOST returns! I'm ready to jump into the last season. Did the bomb work? What year are we in? Will Juliet and Sawyer ever find each other again? What the heck is that smoke monster? Where does Richard get his eyeliner? OOOO, I can't wait!

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Karen Lange said...

Thanks for all the links. And congrats again on the book! :)