Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get A PASSION MOST PURE by Julie Lessman FREE on Kindle!

My friend Julie Lessman is one of the most talented writers of historical Christian fiction in the business. She's also one of the sweetest, most giving people you'll ever meet. Now, Julie needs a favor. She needs us to download her FREE book! I think that's the kind of thing we can all get behind. I'll let Julie give you all the details...



I have a HUGE favor to ask.

Until April 3, A Passion Most Pure (and LOTS of other free books) are being offered on Amazon for FREE DOWNLOAD for Kindle, PC, Mac, i-phone and Blackberry!!! I need to get as many people to download A Passion Most Pure as possible, so I am running the following contest.

Your name will be thrown into a hat to win A Hope Undaunted EARLY (or your choice of any of my books) every time you do any of the following, so you have lots of chances to win by doing as many of these things as possible:

1.) Download A Passion Most Pure yourself (for Kindle, PC, Mac, i-phone or Blackberry) on Amazon Kindle here.

2.) Send an e-mail to at least 10 people, asking them to download A Passion Most Pure FREE on Amazon Kindle for their Kindle, PC, Mac, i-phone or Blackberry. For every 10 people you send this to, you get another chance to win.

3.) Ask people on your FaceBook, Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari or any other social network to download APMP FREE.

4.) Sign up for my FaceBook Fan Page.

5.) Sign up for my newsletter on the "Newsletter" page of my website.

Let me know via e-mail or through my website when you do any or all of the above things and if possible, copy me in on any e-mails you send out to your friends/family. For every 10 people you send this to, you will get another chance to win. There will be THREE winners in all, so I hope you will consider helping me out.



Julie Lessman


Sara said...

Well I'm a few days behind in my emails but was psyched to come across this blog article especially that it didn't stop being free till the 3rd and it was only the 1st. Unfortunately when I clicked the link it's telling me the price is 9.99 which I'm not going for. . . do you know the problem ? I really wanted that free novel, I have a friend who adores Julie Lessman and wants me to read her books.

Jennifer AlLee said...

Hi Sara,
I saw that, too. There was a Karen Kingsbury book that was free at the same time as Julie's, but it went back to $9.99 around March 27th. I have no idea why the dates are different... probably a miscommunication between Amazon, the publisher and the author. But now there are some new books available for free. What I do is check the "Kindle Bestsellers" on Amazon every few days. That way, I find out which books are being promoted. Even if I don't want to read them now, I download them to have for later.

Be blessed!