Saturday, May 22, 2010

Before They Were LOST

As we prepare to say farewell to LOST, I thought it might be fun to take a look at a few of these actors before they took on the characters we know and love...

As Sawyer, Josh Holloway is all about being cool. But back in his modeling days, it looks like Josh was all about being colorful. (And no, I have no idea what he was selling in this ad.)

As doomed-to-die Juliet, Elizabeth Mitchell may have fallen for bad-boy Sawyer, but in The Santa Claus 2 she went for a whole different kinda guy.

Granted, Terry O'Quinn is kinda freaky at times in his dual role as John Locke/Smoke Monster. But he was downright creepy in this 1980s horror flick, The Stepfather.

This is quite possibly my favorite. We all know Nestor Carbonell as the tortured Richard Alpert. But before that, Nestor took a turn in tights as Batmanuel on the short-lived TV series, The Tick.

I think this gives hope to anyone who thinks, "Man, why did I wear that?"

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