Monday, May 16, 2011

My Book Is Free... Please Take One!

Thanks to my awesome publisher, Abingdon Press, you can now get an electronic copy of The Pastor's Wife for free! That's right, 100% free. From now until May 22nd it's available in several different formats. Here are the links:

Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble NOOK
Christian Book Distributors

Some folks have asked me how it benefits the author to give the book away for free. First and foremost, it's great to build exposure. The hope is that if you read the free book, you'll be excited about the release of my next book (The Mother Road, April 2012). You might even want to buy a copy of The Pastor's Wife to give to a friend. In any case, it's a win-win for both reader and author. So here's how you can help me...
  • Buy it -  Hey, it's free. Even if you already have the paper version, you may want to read it on the go one day.
  • Review it - If you enjoyed it, a review on one (or more) of the sites would be a huge boost. It doesn't have to be long or complicated. Just whatever you have time for. Simple is sweet.
  • Tell your friends about it - You don't have to be married to a clergy person to read this book. You don't even have to be a woman. A surprising number of men have read it without having a gun pointed at their backs, and enjoyed the experience. So let all the book lovers in your life know about it... the more the merrier!

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