Friday, July 15, 2011

The Harry Potter Saga in Six Minutes - VIDEO

So, the final Harry Potter movie came out today. My son lost interest in Harry two movies ago, but I really want to see how the whole thing ends, so I'll be seeing it by myself. (Nope, I haven't read any of the books. GASP!)

I'm curious... who among you is planning to go?  And who already braved one of those midnight showings?

And, in case you need to brush up on your Potter back story, here's a video from Warner Brothers that gives you the whole thing, and a preview of the end, in about six minutes. My, those kids have grown. Just listen to how high Harry and Ron's voices were in the beginning. Enjoy!

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Suzie Johnson said...

Jen, I just watched the very first Harry Potter movie yesterday. It was so whimsical and enchanting, I just loved it. I'm hoping to watch the second movie tomorrow afternoon. And Jen, double-gasp...I haven't read the books either. One of these days...