Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mistletoe Memories Treasure Hunt

Sometimes the owner of the old house on Schooley's Mountain finds things stored in the attic. It's your job to collect those items as you travel to each blog on the Mistletoe Memories Treasure Hunt. Read the post about the featured novella and see what the unique giveaways are. You will find the item on the antique post card further down the page. Giveaways are available on each post and the grand prize is the lovely 12.5" x 18" Christmas banner pictured at the left.
Mistletoe Memories
Barbour Publishing, September 2013
by Jennifer AlLee, Carla Olson Gade, Gina Welborn, and Lisa Karon Richardson

For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything. ~Hebrews 3:4

One of America’s earliest summer resorts began atop the majestically wooded Schooley’s Mountain where the mecca of chalybeate springs (or “magic water”) drew visitors from near and far. Eventually the magic water disappeared, but the memories remained. Folks who live there tell the stories they heard from their grandparents who heard them from their grandparents. The four stories in MISTLETOE MEMORIES cover the almost 200 years after the house was built and center around a house that became a refuge that became an orphanage that became a home.

Comfort and Joy by Jennifer AlLee
When funding dries up a month before Christmas, Joy Benucci declares she'll do everything in her power to keep Comfort House, a transitional home for foster kids, operating. Even if she has to turn to modern-day Scrooge Evan Lancaster to do it.

My favorite character: I love Joy! She is spunky and determined, but she's spent so much of her time helping others that she's really ignored her own needs. Watching her figure out how to deal Evan - the handsome lawyer who just happens to be the one handing over the eviction notice - is all kinds of fun!

Giveaway: My special gift is an ornament for your Christmas tree that is also a picture frame. This way, you can memorialize your own mistletoe memory and relive it year after year.

Treasure Hunt: Post the answer to the question from your previous stop on the Mistletoe Memories Treasure Hunt (unless you started here). Answer the question below and bring your answer to the next blog and post it in the comment area. If this is your first stop you will return here and post an answer after visiting the third stop. Then you will be eligible for the giveaway on this page.

Question: The orphanage children will be happy to find this to play with in the snow. What is the toy?

Now please visit Carla Olson Gade, author of 'Tis the Season, the first novella in Mistletoe Memories to find the next treasure!

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Feel free to share a favorite Christmas memory when you comment. Do you have a mistletoe memory?

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Debra E. Marvin said...

Not sure which gifty I'd want (I'm not entering of course) as the tea and ornament are both worth the challenge.

Have fun everyone!