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Meet Amy Wallace - Interview & Book Giveaway

Amy WallaceWhat an honor to be the first stop on Amy Wallace’s blog tour! Amy’s latest book, Healing Promises is the second in the Defenders of Hope series. Let’s meet Amy.


Amy Wallace is a wife, homeschool mom of three, writer, speaker, Bible study leader, and avid chocoholic. She loves crafting high-action suspense that delves deep into heart issues, but who she really is can be summed up in a few short words: Amy is a daughter of the King learning to live and love with laughter.


JA: The Defenders of Hope series was born out of the tragic events of 9/11. How did that inspire you?
AW: Long before I had any idea I’d become a novelist one day, I sat glued to my TV, crying with the rest of America and watching the events of 9/11 unfold. I stayed transfixed for over a week, numb and yet so full of pain at the same time. But as I watched the firefighters, police, military, and FBI being real-life heroes, a deep desire to pay tribute to them started to grow. I had no idea then what God would do with this desire, but the seed was planted. God watered it with a literal dream, some amazing research books, and an awesome federal agent contact. That seed of an idea has now grown into the three-book Defenders of Hope series.

JA: Your current book is Healing Promises. Tell us about it.
AW: Healing Promises is a high-voltage suspense novel which explores how a life-threatening medical diagnosis and the search for an elusive serial kidnapper affects even the most solid, loving Christian marriage and poses a key life question: Can God be trusted when things don’t go the way we pray?

JA: Since Healing Promises is the second book in the series, should we read Ransomed Dreams first, or does each book stand alone?
AW: As a suspense reader and romantic at heart, I’m passionately asking that people please read Ransomed Dreams first! ;-) Some major plot points in Ransomed Dreams are revealed early on in Healing Promises, so it’s really much better to read the books in order. Plus, the experience of Healing Promises will be greatly enhanced by walking through Ransomed Dreams first.

JA: Healing Promises focuses on FBI agent Clint Rollins and his wife, Sara. For you, how does dealing with a married couple differ from a couple who finds each other during the course of the story?
AW: Writing Clint and Sara’s story was a more intense experience, not just for the physical and emotional intimacy, but also because a shared life and family meant far more was at stake for the characters. It was also more painful and conversely more fun. There were personal jokes and special memories that only a married couple can share, but that was also why it proved to be more painful at the same time.

Healing Promises also includes the beginning of Michael Parker and Hanna Kessler’s relationship. That added to the fun of writing this story in contrasting the excitement of new love with the passion and commitment of married love.

Amy Wallace - Healing Promises JA: What do you hope people take away after reading Healing Promises?
AW: My hope for readers of Healing Promises is that as they become involved in Clint and Sara’s journey, they'll experience a deeper sense of the goodness and trustworthiness of God, even when life doesn’t go as we prayed. I also hope readers will see that at the end of ourselves only one truth remains—God is good. What we do with that fact changes everything.

JA: What’s next for you in the writing arena?
AW: I’m diving into a new suspense series that’s still piecing itself together in my heart.

JA: The tag line on your web site is “Heart Chocolate… words to enrich heart & soul.” I love it… makes me want to curl up with a cup of cocoa and read your books! What is “heart chocolate” to you?
AW: Thanks so much for those kind words! That’s exactly the feel we were going for in designing the Heart Chocolate website.

What is Heart Chocolate to me? It’s the snuggled up declaration of my children and husband saying, “I love you to infinity and beyond!” It’s the shoulder of a friend to cry on and the reminder of truth that God is good and I’m loved and wrapped securely in His arms. Heart Chocolate is anything that slips beneath the surface of the soul and leaves the sweet fragrance of a pleasant memory.

JA: What’s something that people would be surprised to learn about you?
AW: Maybe that my favorite novels aren’t about guns and hard-core suspense, but are more along the lines of Sharon Hinck’s Restorer series and Trish Perry’s The Guy I’m Not Dating. I’m much more likely to read books that make me laugh and learn something deeper about God.

JA: If you had a week to go to a luxurious spa and do nothing but be pampered and read, what books would you take along?
AW: Before books, I’d actually have to take chocolate. ;-) Some amazing Godiva dark chocolate mint to be specific. Then I’d take the two books I’m enjoying right now: Sharon Hinck’s Symphony of Secrets and Julie Carobini’s Truffles by the Sea. I might also pack Madeleine L'Engle’s Walking on Water and Dr. Robert Paul’s Finding Ever After.

JA: Last but not least, how can people keep up with your latest publishing news?
AW: I’d be honored if people would check out my Heart Chocolate website at and join the Dark Chocolate Suspense newsletter! Or they can jump into the discussions on my Heart Chocolate blog at I’d love to see you there!

Thank you, Amy, and continued blessings to you in your writing journey!


This is one of those books that I couldn’t put down. From the first page, Healing Promises takes off running. Wallace has populated her book with an intriguing cast of characters. There are no cookie-cutter, two dimensional people here. Wallace dares to look at the reality of each situation with honesty and hope. She’s not afraid to say it like it is, even when getting into the head of the “bad guy.” But this isn’t just a crime novel. While the agents of the Crimes Against Children Unit continue their desperate search for a serial kidnapper, Agent Clint Rollins and his wife, Sara, are facing the biggest trial of their lives; Clint’s battle with cancer. The juxtaposition of these two plotlines provides a wonderful combination of heart-stopping action and heart-rending emotion. I highly recommend this novel, and look forward to more great reads from this talented author!

Read the first chapter of Healing Promises.


If you’d like to be entered to win a copy of Healing Promises just leave a reply to this blog. I’ll combine the responses of my Blogger and ShoutLife blogs to pick a winner at random on April 14th. Please leave an email address so I can contact you if you're the winner. (To prevent spammers from trolling for your email, please use this format with the brackets--you [at] yourmail [dot] com--or something similar.) ShoutLifers will be contacted via ShoutMail. Good luck!


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Thanks foe the interview! I've heard a lot about this book/series and would love the chance to read it myself. Thanks for the chance to win!

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Sounds great!

Trish Perry said...

Amy, I had no idea the genesis of your series was 9/11. That's very moving and a lovely motivation.

And thanks for the mention--I'm flattered to be included with Sharon.

Jennifer, I'd love a copy of our girl's book, if you pull my name. trish[at]trishperrybooks[dot]com.

Amy Wallace said...

Wow, Jen~ Thanks so much for kicking off the Healing Promises blog tour with flair!

Your review was such an encouragement too!

And Trish...thanks for the kind words. Like I mentioned before, I LOVE your books and totally enjoy myself while reading them.

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Great interview, now I have to add more books to my growing to read list.




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I hope I win this book. I went to 3 different stores looking for it today and they didn't have it. I've heard from a friend it is really good.

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Thanks for featuring Amy. I really enjoyed a peek behind the story. Keep writing, dear one--you are bringing glory to your Creator. (I won't enter the drawing--I'll let someone other lucky reader have my chance.)

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I bought book one and have been wanting a copy of book two. I'd love to read this one, thanks for the chance to win it! Miralee

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Hello, What a fantastic interview. Her books sound full of romance, suspense and faith. I have learned to pray "Thy Will Be Done!" My answers to my prayers are known more by God. Please enter me in your wonderful book drawing. Thanks, Cindi

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Had I not read this interview, I doubt I would have chosen to read this book. I don't read a lot of suspense, but would love to try Amy's book. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

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Great interview! I love the sound of this book....sounds really great!

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Great to see all you ladies here!

Amy, thanks so much for stopping by. It's always so cool to find out that artists you admire also wonderful people in real life! Be blessed as you continue writing for His glory!

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Amy Wallace said...

Wow! Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. This was a great way to start the weekend.

And thank you again, Jen, for being such a gracious host. Your words touched me deeply!

Jennifer AlLee said...

And the winner is... tetewa! Congrats, and big thanks to everyone who stopped by. Be Blessed!