Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dreaming with Amy Wallace - WIN HER BOOK!

It's my pleasure to welcome back guest blogger, and fellow chocoholic, Amy Wallace!

In college, I used to interpret dreams. It came part and parcel with my counseling degree and some weird and wild psychology classes.

But when God gave me a dream that needed no interpretation, I got scared. And excited. But I wasn’t going to do anything except tell my husband the dream about an FBI agent with a wounded heart and a mom on a dangerous quest for answers and then forget it.

God had another plan.

So did my hubby. They teamed up and shoved—I mean pointed—me in the novel direction of writing.

This was not my dream. But it was my husband’s. And it was obviously God’s, because what happened next was all God and totally out of my hands.

My not-to-be-deterred hubby took my dream about Steven and Gracie and ran with it… all the way to a federal agent he convinced to meet with me and help me out.

When David came home and told me I’d better get busy with my book idea because I was meeting a real live Secret Service agent, I freaked. But I could still feel that dream I’d had. It wouldn’t go away. And neither would my husband. (Good thing!)

So I read tons of FBI books and spent many hours typing away on the computer. God graciously put His hands over mine and made it all make sense.

I met with the Secret Service agent, a stellar Christian and all-around wonderful guy, and from my bare-bones outline and research we hammered out a plot. That day was nothing short of a dream-touching moment.

Five years after that meeting, the story that began as a dream was born as Ransomed Dreams, my first novel and the beginning of the Defenders of Hope series.

To say I’ve been living a dream these last three years is true. But unlike the happily ever after fairytales, my story is still being written. And like any good novel, it has tons of twists and turns and unexpected tragedies and triumphs.

And it has cost me much. A verse I cling to on this journey is 2 Samuel 24:24. “I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God that which costs me nothing.” That verse has nourished my parched soul many days. It reminds me that God welcomes my offering and my sacrifice and receives it with joy. There’s purpose in it all.

Living a dream isn’t easy. But it’s worth every tear and tough day.

And one day, I hope to repay my dear hubby by shoving—I mean nudging—him into fulfilling his dream, that of being a marriage and family counselor. Then I’ll keep at it until he fulfills a second dream of his—writing a book.

Maybe then he’ll grasp all he did for me by dragging me into my dream. And who knows? Maybe someday we’ll team up and help (not shove) someone else to live their dream too.

Living a dream is an amazing journey. Are you on it?


Amy Wallace is a wife, homeschool mom of three, writer, speaker, Bible study leader, and avid chocoholic. She loves crafting high-action suspense that delves deep into heart issues, but who she really is can be summed up in a few short words: Amy is a daughter of the King learning to live and love with laughter. Amy is also the author of the Defenders of Hope series: Ransomed Dreams, Healing Promises, and Enduring Justice, a contributing author of God Answers Mom's Prayers, God Allows U-Turns for Teens, Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series: Diabetes, and A Cup of Comfort for Expectant Moms. Visit Amy at and join the Dark Chocolate Suspense newsletter

ABOUT THE BOOK - Enduring Justice


Hanna Kessler’s childhood secret has remained buried for over two decades. But when the dark shadows of her past threaten to destroy those she loves, Hanna must face the summer that changed her life and the man who still haunts her memories.


As a Crimes Against Children FBI Agent, Michael Parker knows what it means to get knocked down. Difficult cases and broken relationships have plagued his entire year. But when the system fails and a white supremacist is set free, Michael’s drive for retribution eclipses all else.


A racist's well-planned assault forces Hanna and Michael to decide between executing vengeance and pursuing justice. The dividing line is the choice to heal. But when the attack turns personal, is justice enough?


If you’d like to be entered to win a copy of Enduring Justice, just leave a reply to this blog. I’ll pick a winner at random on April 22nd. Please leave an email address so I can contact you if you're the winner. (To prevent spammers from trolling for your email, please use this format with the brackets--you [at] yourmail [dot] com--or something similar.) Good luck!


Bethany said...

Amy sounds like an interesting person, and her book seems very exciting! Please enter me in the drawing.
Thank you.
momofjimmy [at] yahoo [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. I had a similar "here's a great story" moment in my life, however I have yet to write it. Perhaps it's about time...

kel at cox dot net

Anonymous said...

This books sounds amazing and I would love to win it.

Gayla Collins

ladybug said...

Please include me in the drawing. Amy Wallace is a favorite author!

ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

Cheryl said...

I would love to win this book. Please enter me in the dreawing. My email address is shryackmom[@]charter[.]net

Jo said...

I have read one of Amy's books and really enjoyed it. Please enter me in drawing for this book.


Ivÿ said...

I've never read a book of hers but this one really caught my attention. I would love to read it. :)

Pls include my name in the drawing. Thanks.


Carolynn said...

Sounds like an exciting book, I would love to read it. Thanks for the chance to win!

Carole said...

I read Amy's first book and loved it. Also recognized several familiar landmarks because I live in Georgia.

Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of Amy's latest book.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Holly said...

This sounds like an intriguing book that deals with some tough subjects. I would love a chance to win a copy. Blessings,

Ashley E said...

The first two books in this series are amazing! Highly recommended. I would love to entered in for Enduring Justice. Thank you!


sarahw said...

sounds like a really great book. please enter my name in the draw.
sarahwoll at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Please enter me into the contest. Thank you.


Jennifer AlLee said...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented. The winner of the giveaway is Fran. Congrats!

Ivÿ said...

I won! Wow, thank you!

I already sent my mailing info. Thanks for hosting this book giveaway.


Ivÿ said...

To Jennifer, I thank you for this book. :)

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