Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh, My Aching Back!

I can't believe it's finally here... in just 4 short days, I'll be getting on a plane bound for Dallas and the ACFW conference. You would think, with such an incredible event coming up, that I would have spent the day writing. But you'd be wrong.

I've had a fun-filled day of cleaning! (Please note the heavy sarcasm intended.)

Normally, I'm not a great housekeeper. In fact, you could probably plant things on the dust that accumulates on my table tops and TV screens. But I've got this weird quirk... I have to know that the house is clean before I go on a trip. There's just something restful about knowing that the cleaning was done BEFORE my exodus from the house starts. Of course, this time I'm going off on my own, leaving my husband and teenage son behind, so who knows what the house will look like when I get back! But that's okay... I did my part.

It's only 2:00 PM right now, so technically, I've still got a lot of time to get some writing done. But I think I'm going to rest my spine (which is screaming out in protest of this morning's unusually physical activities) by kicking back in bed and reading. I may even watch a Star Trek Voyager rerun or two. If I pay really close attention to the character development and plot structure, I could even consider it writing related... couldn't I?


Kelly said...

Jennifer, I will pray for the state of your home while you're away. I'm sure you'd do the same for me, if I ever went anywhere without my family. Which I DON'T.

Have a great trip to Dallas!

Jennifer AlLee said...

Thanks, Kelly! Once Lauren gets a little older, maybe you could convince Jeff that it's time for you to take another vacation. We need to get you back out here and check out the Wynn (and whatever else strikes your fancy). Hopefully I'll have a house with a spare room by then! (A girl can dream, right?)