Thursday, September 6, 2007

When Eyelashes Are Wasted On Boys

There some things in this life that just aren't fair. Like...

  • Chocolate is fattening
  • Kids want to grow up fast and adults long to be young again
  • You can't go to the beach without bringing a ton of sand home with you
  • As a rule, boys get the best eyelashes

It seems I'm constantly being reminded of the eyelash issue. It all started with my brother, Josh. Josh is quite a bit younger than I am, so I noticed things like the fact that he had the longest eyelashes of anyone I'd ever seen. As a teen, I would be in the bathroom, experimenting with makeup and trying unsuccessfully to make my whispy lashes look full and lush, and I couldn't help but wonder why. Why had God seen fit to bless a boy with eyelashes like that when he obviously didn't need them?

Flash forward to today, when I have a son of my own. Billy is 14, but he's been blessed with a baby face that is a trait handed down from my side of the family. (I tell him that it may be a pain looking younger now, but he'll appreciate it later. I still haven't convinced him.) He also has incredible eyelashes. Not quite as amazing as my brother's, but still great. To make matters worse, he's got perfectly shaped eyebrows. Now I ask you, what does a boy need features like that for? They're wasted on him! I, in the mean time, still struggle with my balding lashes and almost non-existent eyebrows (they're so pale, they almost disappear).

But it's okay. I've made my peace with the fact that some things in life just aren't fair. And for every unfair thing, there's something cool to balance it out. Like...

  • Dark chocolate is good for you
  • When you get old enough, you can act like a kid and get away with it
  • Car vacs can suck up a lot of sand
  • As a rule, very few women go bald, and in the rare occasion that one does, there are lots of smashing wigs available!


Kelly said...

You hit it right on, Jen. Ian has the loveliest lashes...which is totally a WASTE as he is only FOUR. Tell Billy that his Aunt Chrissy gets carded at movies and she's 34! Babyfaced genes, ah yes...

Jennifer AlLee said...

HA! Sadly, I don't get carded anymore... but I did when I was Chrissy's age. Thankfully, most people still have the courtesy to look surprised when they find out I'm 43. God bless them!