Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Thoughts On The Election

I kept pretty quiet during this political season, but I think it’s time for me to speak up. So now, in no particular order, are my thoughts on the 2008 Presidential Election:

I’m Glad It’s Over! Two years, people. Two years spent planning and pontificating, speaking and snarking, groveling and goading. Some of the speeches we heard (on both sides) were eloquent, even inspiring. But most were the same old thing said in different ways. And the longer it went on, the uglier it got. I’m soooo glad it’s done!

What Happened to Hilary? I read that The Washington Post reporter Anne Kornblut has been contracted by the Crown imprint of Random House to write a book called Rejection: Why America Isn't Ready for A Woman President. Well, that’s just silly. In general, I think Americans have gotten to the place where we just want to elect the right person for the job. So it’s not that America’s not ready for a woman president. The point is that the majority of Americans didn’t believe that particular woman was the right one for the job. And that’s all I have to say about that.

PhotobucketWhere was the Mirror? I like Michelle Obama. Throughout the campaign, she carried herself with grace and dignity. She proved to be a woman who could put together a classy outfit on a budget. Remember the black and white dress from Black & White? What about that cute J. Crew lemon ensemble she wore on The Tonight Show? So I’ve got to ask, whose idea was it to put Michelle in that red and black Narciso Rodriguez number? I don’t think she chose it herself… she’s got better sense than that. And if she did choose it, I don’t think there was a mirror around. Not only was it confusing (I spent a good minute or two trying to figure out why she was wearing an apron on stage) but it was much better suited for a different body type. Michelle is a lovely woman, but this dress did nothing for her. The picture above shows the dress on the skinny-as-a-stick runway model and on Michelle. See my point? It barely works on the model. Put it on a woman who ate lunch that day, and it’s a disaster in the making. Frankly, I think the dress is a hot mess no matter who wears it. It’s something of a cross between a lava lamp and a black widow spider. Obviously, I have strong feelings on this matter. On a positive note, the rest of the family looked great, and they were all color coordinated. The black and red theme worked for the big picture. So props for thinking that through.

I’m Excited. No matter what anyone thinks, or who we voted for, one fact still remains: God’s in control. I’m excited that we’ve finally made our choice for the next president. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen in our country. And I can’t wait to see what kind of dog those two girls have when they move into the White House. God bless them all!

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brendalottakamaggiebrendan said...

Oh, my gosh, that post was funny!I just said that same thing to my husband last night. That has got to be one of the ugliest dresses--no matter who is wearing it.I'm with you--where was the mirror???? What happened to taste?? Great post!