Sunday, November 23, 2008

What I Like About YOU'VE GOT MAIL

In case you hadn't notice, this is the Year of Dreams on my blog. One of my longtime dreams is to be an actor. Not an "Oooo, you're so famous and everybody recognizes you" kind of actor, but one of those character actors who manage to make a living. Actually, I don't even need to make a living at it... community theatre is just fine with me. I did that before I got married and had a family. Who knows, when my son is grown and on his own, I might check out the local community theatre scene.

In honor of my love of good movies and good acting, I'll periodically take a look at a movie that made an impression on me, and what I liked about it. So, without further ado, here's...

PhotobucketWhat I Like About You've Got Mail:

Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks - Meg's at her perky peak and Tom's the perfect blend of snarky charm. You can't watch these two and not fall in love with the idea of them falling in love.

Dialogue that Dances - It starts in the opening scenes where Kathleen and Joe read each other's emails. As Katherine says about her favorite book, Pride and Prejudice, "I get caught up in the language."

Near Misses in the Streets of New York Montage - One crosses the street just as the other steps onto the sidewalk. One enters Starbuck's as the other exits. As the merchants of New York start their day, opening stores and sliding up security gates, Joe and Kathleen cross paths multiple times, never knowing it's happening. It makes me think: How many times in life has an opportunity passed me by and I never knew?

PhotobucketJean Stapleton - A fabulous character actress, Stapleton plays Kathleen's wise, but slightly quirky surogate mother/co-worker. When asked about the secret love of her youth, she answers "He ran Spain." Such a simple line, but her delivery is priceless.

PhotobucketThat Nostalgic Dial Up Sound - When Joe and Kathleen check their computers for new mail, we hear that pinging, grating, screeching sound. I remember that sound. Hearing it now makes me all the more thankful for high-speed internet and the fact that I'm no longer a slave to AOL!


Pamela J said...

Ok, my husband says I can watch the same movie twice in the same week and not know I watched it so I guess I need to get that movie and watch it again. What you wrote of what happened triggered memories but I want to see it all again!
Psm W

Jennifer AlLee said...

It's one of those movies I can watch over and over and over...

Mag said...

Oh my gosh! Those dial-up sounds take me right back to "dating" Ed. Having a long distance romance made those sounds so much more endearing and hearing, "You've Got Mail" will ALWAYS make my heart skip a beat...! Ah, the days of wine and ... email??

Mag said...
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