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CFBA Presents ONE PERFECT DAY by Lauraine Snelling

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
One Perfect Day
(FaithWords - October 22, 2008)
Lauraine Snelling


Today, Lauraine Snelling is a member of the more than Two Million Books In Print club, but when she first began, she was a mother of three teenagers with a simple dream to write “horse books for kids.”

All told, she has over 50 books published. She thinks. She’s not sure. She’d rather write them than count them. Lauraine’s work has been translated into Norwegian, Danish and German as well as produced as books on tape.

Awards have followed her dedication to “telling a good story”: the Silver Angel Award for An Untamed Land and a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart for Song of Laughter.

Helping others reach their writing dream is the reason Lauraine teaches at writer’s conferences across the country. She mentors others through book doctoring and with her humorous and playful Writing Great Fiction tape set. Lauraine also produces material on query letters and other aspects of the writing process.

Her readers clamor for more books more often and Lauraine would like to comply, if only her ever-growing flower gardens didn’t call quite so loudly over the soothing rush of the water fountains in her back yard and if the hummingbirds weren’t quite so entertaining. Lauraine and husband Wayne have two grown sons and a cockatiel named Bidley, who loves to tease their Basset Hound named Chewy.


Two mothers end up more closely connected than they could dream...and yet they are strangers to one another.

The first has two children--twins, a boy and girl, who are seniors in high school. She wants their last Christmas as a family living in the same home to be perfect, but her husband is delayed returning from a business trip abroad. And then there's an accident--a fatal one.

Meanwhile, the other mother has a daughter who needs a new heart, and so the loss of one woman becomes the miracle the other has desperately prayed for. While one mother grieves, and pulls away from her family, the other finds that even miracles aren't always easy to receive.

If you would like to read the first chapter of One Perfect Day, go HERE


Jenna Montgomery prayed for a miracle - that a new heart would become available for her daughter. Nora Peterson wanted this Christmas, the last she knew her whole family would be together before the twins went off to college, to be perfect. But a car accident shatters Nora's dream and life as she knows it. Meanwhile, Jenna is thanking God for providing a new heart and saving her daughter's life.

Lauraine Snelling writes with keen insight about these two women, both at turning points in their lives. Alternating between the stories, she shows us the private pain and joy of each family as they struggle to move forward.

I think many of us wonder why God lets tragedy touch families who love and worship Him. In One Perfect Day one mother's nightmare becomes another mother's answered prayer. As I read, I found myself thinking about how even the worst circumstances can be used for good by God. I highly recommend this book, particularly if you or someone you know has struggled with the loss of a loved one. It takes a bare, honest look at moving through grief, while at the same time celebrating life and second chances.

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