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The Importance of Daydreams by M.L. Tyndall - WIN HER BOOK!

It's my pleasure to welcome today's guest poster, author M.L. Tyndall, back to the blog!

M.L. Tyndall

When I was a kid, I spent much of my time daydreaming. You see, I didn’t have a very stable home life and I wasn’t popular in school. I was the nerdy, homely girl with the pimples who was too shy to strike up a conversation with anyone I didn’t know. Consequently, I often drifted away in my mind to a make-believe world where I was the princess who everybody loved and adored, rescued by a handsome prince who would then spend his life loving and caring for me. I always had an ongoing adventure playing out in my head, one that got often interrupted when I had to do some mundane task such as answer a question, take a test, or do a chore. For me, my imaginary world was more real than the world I lived in, a world that couldn’t possibly be the real world at all because it was so sad and hard and painful. As I look back on those years, I realize two things. One that God had given me an outlet, an escape from the pain of my childhood that kept me going when I probably would have given up, and two, in His providential wisdom, He was calling me to be a storyteller.

God gives us great dreams. Within each of us He implants a dream unique only to us. It is why He created us, our purpose. And when we find that purpose, we find fulfillment. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, it is a perfect fit, unique only to us, and one that leads us into a world we only dreamed of before. So I encourage you, don’t ignore your daydreams, and don’t ignore those silent tugs upon your heart. Ask God to reveal to you their meaning and to show you the path to see them fulfilled.


M.L. Tyndall, a Christy Award Finalist, and best-selling author of the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series is known for her adventurous historical romances filled with deep spiritual themes. She holds a degree in Math and worked as a software engineer for fifteen years before testing the waters as a writer. MaryLu currently writes full time and makes her home on the California coast with her husband, six kids, and four cats. Her passion is to write page-turning, romantic adventures that not only entertain but expose Christians to their full potential in Christ. For more information on MaryLu and her upcoming releases, please visit her website at or her blog at

ABOUT THE BOOK - The Blue Enchantress

Betrayed by the man she longed to marry, Hope Westcott is about to be auctioned off as a slave to the highest bidder on an island in the Caribbean. After enduring a difficult childhood in an unloving home, Hope’s search for love and self-worth have led her down a very dangerous path. All she ever wanted was to find true love and open an orphanage where she could raise children with all the love she never experienced as a child. But how can a woman with a sordid past ever hope to run an orphanage, let alone attract the love of an honorable man?

Determined to overcome the shame of his mother’s past, Nathaniel Mason worked for many years to build his own fleet of merchant ships in an effort to finally acquire the respect of Charles Towne society. Ignoring the call of God on his life to become a preacher, he forges ahead with his plans for success at a distant port in the Caribbean, when he sees a young lady he knows from Charles Towne being sold as a slave. In an effort to save Hope, he is forced to sell one of his two ships, only to discover that her predicament was caused by her own bad behavior. Angry and determined to rid himself of her as soon as possible, Nathaniel embarks on a journey that will change the course of his life.

From the Carolina Coast to the Caribbean, through stormy seas and shipwreck, can Hope and Nathaniel put aside their painful pasts, listen to God's voice, and find true love and acceptance?


If you’d like to be entered to win a copy of The Blue Enchantress , just leave a reply to this blog. I’ll pick a winner at random on August 17th. Please leave an email address so I can contact you if you're the winner. (To prevent spammers from trolling for your email, please use this format with the brackets--you [at] yourmail [dot] com--or something similar.) Good luck!


Karen Lange said...

Enjoyed reading the post and appreciate the info. Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your troubled background. But God does redeem it, and obviously has for you. Please enter me in your contest. Thank you.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

"God gives us great dreams. Within each of us He implants a dream unique only to us. It is why He created us, our purpose. And when we find that purpose, we find fulfillment. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, it is a perfect fit, unique only to us, and one that leads us into a world we only dreamed of before"

I LOVE that!!! It is so good and true! Thank you for the insightful words!

Michelle B michums<@>yahoo<.>com

Becca Dowling said...

Oh my gosh, MaryLu! Your description of your childhood and the way you "escaped" it could be mine nearly verbatim! Did you ever write your daydreams down? I had a full 3-4" binder of all my daydream "stories".

Love to win your book!

Carly Kendall said...

Very good interview and sounds like a good book. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.

Debra E Marvin said...

I've been waiting for this book to come out. What a treat! I love the plotline but the setting is a real draw too.
Thanks for your candor, Marylu. I agree the imagination is a gift God gives us, like everything, for our good and for his pleasure.

Please enter me in the drawing, Jen.

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Hi Ladies, thanks for your comments and interest in my book. I'm glad my words touched you.
Becca, I'm sorry we shared a similar childhood, and yes I did write down my dreams, although I didn't keep them. I wish I had now. God bless,

sherrinda said...

I love how God uses our past to bring forth His goodness. I would love a chance to win this book! The cover is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I love her books! (Once I'm done commenting I'm going to check out yours!) Please enter me for the contest!

~Ley said...

Dreams are such amazing, God-given things. And I should know! Dreams are so often the start of a story for me! LOL. Whatever works.


Cherie J said...

Enjoyed your post MaryLu. You sound like I was as a child. I was also painfully. It is through God's love that I have been able to overcome it. Thanks for sharing. would love to be entered in the drawing to read your book.


Jennifer AlLee said...

Hey ladies, so good to see you all! Thanks again, MaryLu, for your great post. You're the sweetest!

windycindy said...

I can identify with your growing up pain! I have a birthmark on my face that wasn't/isn't easy living with.
God bless.....Thanks, Cindi

Sandee61 said...

Enjoying your blog, and especially the "musings" of M. L. and the review of her book. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway for her book. It looks wonderful, and I love the cover. Thank you!



Carolynn W. said...

The book sounds wonderful, thanks for the chance to win!

Katherine said...

This book looks really good, I hope I win!
Please enter me for this drawing.


judyg said...

Thanks for sharing the interview with us all. I have loved reading this series and would love to win this book!

traveler said...

What an enjoyable and lovely post. Thanks for this great giveaway. The book sounds memorable and special. saubelb(at)gmail(dot)com

Jennifer AlLee said...

Today's winner is... ~Ley!

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by. Big thanks to Mary Lu for sharing her time and talents!