Sunday, August 30, 2009

Singing in the Dollar Tree

There are some things that I only buy at the Dollar Tree, like cotton rounds, mouth wash, and window cleaner. So I recently popped into my local store to stock up. The sound of Aha singing their '80s hit "Take on Me" bled weakly from the store's sound system. But off to my left, squatting on the floor and stocking a rack with packs of gum, was a young man. He was singing along, thoroughly enjoying himself.

As I walked by, he looked up, smiled, and said, "Good morning!" He'd already had me smiling at his personal concert of one, but now, I felt the smile.

I did my shopping and went to the check out. What do you know... the singer was now at the register, as polite and happy as ever. I told him how much I enjoyed his singing, and that I wished I would have been close enough to see if he hit the high note. He laughed and said thanks. Then he told me that he enjoyed his job.

Since I was the only one in line, we chatted a bit. I found out that he'd recently moved to Vegas from Detroit. He'd had a good job there in a sheet metal plant. But like so many others he lost his job when the plant closed and he couldn't find a new position. So now, this young man (probably in his late twenties) was living with his grandparents and working at the Dollar Tree. And so happy about it that he was singing.

I thought about that fellow a lot. He could have been a real sourpuss. He could have been rude and surly, taking his problems out on the world, making life hell for everybody around him. But instead, he chose to sing in the middle of the Dollar Tree. And because of that, not only did he feel good, but he made me feel good, as well.

I'm heading to church now, where there's sure to be singing. I know I'll sing in the car. And even if I don't sing at Target, or the grocery, or wherever I might be, I can still smile and have a singing spirit.

What about you? Where can you sing today?


Karen Lange said...

I can sing anywhere, although I don't know if everyone actually wants to hear me sing:) Thanks for sharing this positive story. I always felt you could encourage and influence people in small ways, one at a time even, in a positive direction. I remember a friend asking one time "What if you were the only Jesus someone gets to see in a day?" That always stuck with me, and helps me remember that we are always His ambassadors, no matter where we are and how we feel.
Blessings! :)

Christina Berry said...

Love this! I DO sing in the grocery store and my kids are still too young to be embarrassed. They'll even join in if they know the words. :-)

Jennifer AlLee said...

Good for you, ladies! Sing, sing, sing!