Friday, November 13, 2009

It's time to cast your votes in the Marcher Lord Select contest!

Today's the day... the polls are open on the Marcher Lord Select contest! In order to cut down on the confusion, I thought it would be best to give you all the info you need here.

By now, you've probably already found the forums and have read the first round entries. If not, go to The Anomaly Forums (a free registration is required). Go to the Marcher Lord Select sub-topic. The entries are located in the sub-board titled Phase 1--Main Contest and are organized in groups of ten. In case you’re wondering, my entry, Vinnie’s Diner, is the first one in the second group (Entries 11-20).

At the top of the Phase 1--Main Contest sub-board you'll see two new categories:
  • Phase 1: Main Contest - Poll 1 of 2
  • Phase 1: Main Contest - Poll 2 of 2
The polls are where you place your votes. Because all 36 entries wouldn't fit in one poll Jeff Gerke (owner of Marcher Lord Press and head contest honcho) split them into two groups. You must place at least three votes, but they can be split across the boards. The vote limit is 20.

My entry, Vinnie's Diner, is the very last one in the Phase 1: Main Contest - Poll 1 of 2 thread. Might as well make it easy for you to find, right?

I really appreciate everyone who's already signed up on the forums, especially those of you who aren't "forum people." Your support is huge.

Voting is open from November 13 - 15. At that point, the field will be cut down to the top 20. Those entries will move on to the next phase, where you'll get to read the first 500 words of the novels. Exciting stuff!

Now, if you still have no idea what I'm talking about, visit this previous blog post. It gives you all the details, plus a nifty book trailer of Vinnie's Diner.


Cassie Greutman said...

Already done. And yes, you got one of my votes :)

Jennifer AlLee said...

Thanks so much, Cassie. I truly appreciate your support!

MisterChris said...

Gotta say, I didn't know who had written Vinnie's Diner but you certainly got my vote on Phase 1.

On to phase 2 at end of NaNoWriMo. I'll read over your text but if it's as well-written as your blurb you'll be getting a vote from me then, too.

I enjoyed the concept.

Oh, and you might thank Peg Phifer for a RT.