Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Angel Delgadillo - the Guardian Angel of Route 66 - VIDEO

In my next book (The Mother Road, Abingdon Press, April 2012), two sisters set off on a journey, part of which takes them down historic Route 66. I came across this video of Angel Delgadillo, resident of Seligman, AZ, who carries the well-earned title "Guardian Angel of Route 66." It's a great example of the reach one person can have, and the joy he can bring into other people's lives. Hope you enjoy it.


Grammy said...

I was looking up information on Angel and came across your blog. My sister and I just finished a Route 66 road trip which was, of course, fabulous! I will be interested in checking out your book! :)

Jennifer AlLee said...

Grammy, I'll bet you and your sister had a blast. There are so many interesting things on the road. If you have the opportunity to read it when it comes out next year, I'd love to know if you thought I did it justice. Blessings to you!