Friday, June 24, 2011

Possibly the Best Book Video to Date - Overbite by Meg Cabot

Lately, there's been a lot of talk on the author loops about book videos, or book trailers. The debate rages about how effective they are, what makes a good video, and whether it's a necessary addition to  our marketing arsenal.

I don't have any hard data on how BVs affect sales, but I can share my personal thoughts. BVs are fun, but they need to be done well, because a poorly executed video can turn a reader off quicker than expired mayonnaise. I've seen quite a few BVs that I liked and were quite professional. A few have made me decide to buy the book if I already knew about it and was considering the purchase. But honestly, I've yet to see one that made me want to buy a book I knew nothing else about.

Until today.

The video below is for Meg Cabot's new book, Overbite. Take a look, then let's discuss.

So, what makes this video so great? Lots of things.

First off, the author is right there, interacting with you, sharing her personality. Yes, it's quirky and a bit over-the-top, but if you've ever read one of Cabot's books, you know how perfect that vibe is.

Second, the video engages the viewer. Rather than little snippets of text telling you what the book is about, you are drawn into the story. New York is full of vampires... from New Jersey! Read this book or die! If you can watch that BV without laughing, well, maybe the vampires got to you already ;+}

Third, this is a great example of promotion on a budget. Oh, I'm sure they spent a fair penny making this particular BV. After all, Cabot is a NYT Best-Selling author, and HarperCollins is one of the big boys. BUT, if you look at the video, you can see how something similar could be made on a budget. There are no special effects, unless you count the cannolis, which do look special indeed. But you see what I mean.

I love this video because it shows what a BV can be. Like lots of others, I'm learning about this new medium and hoping to create something that doesn't suck. (Ironic, how her book is about vampires, who do suck, yet the video doesn't. Hmmm...)

Your turn... what do you think of this video? (Not the book itself... I realize vampires aren't everyone's cup of tea. I may be the only female in America who hasn't read a single Twilight book, nor followed the movies.) Have you made, or are planning to make, a Book Video? What's your gameplan? Maybe we can learn from each other.

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