Thursday, January 29, 2009

Disney Jumps Ship but The Dawn Treader Still Sails

Fear not, Narnia fans, the adventure isn't over. Disney may not want to take a third trip to Narnia, but Fox is ready for the journey. According to an article posted yesterday on on (read the whole piece here) 20th Century Fox will partner with Walden Media on "The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Tentatively scheduled for a winter 2010 release, the film welcomes back Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley in the roles of Caspian, Edmund and Lucy (respectively).

I was a little worried when I heard Disney dropped out of this project, and a little confused. True, Caspian grossed less than the first Narnia installment, but it still did well. What's not to like about $141 million in North America and another $278 million internationally? Whatever their reasons, Disney has left Narnia, and a new champion has taken its place. I'm just glad we're going to be able to make at least one more trip.


ecrunner said...

I am also glad to see that at least one more movie will be made in the chronicles. Despite the second one getting bad movie reviews, people are still excited to see this movie coming out, which is getting me pumped even more.

Jennifer AlLee said...

You know, some of my favorite movies were panned by the critics (like "The Majestic") so I pay very little attention to reviews. When it gets right down to it, it's just someone's opinion.

I'm glad we're getting another movie, too. Since this is the last book with any of the Pevensie children, it remains to be seen if the last four books will be made into movies. I know I'd like to see them.