Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random LOST Thoughts

I hate reading spoilers. Which is why I stay away from Twitter and Facebook until after I've seen the latest episode of LOST. That show's just too much fun to be spoiled! And it's also why I figured I should wait a few days before ruminating about the latest episode. But now that it's safe...

Grandfather Paradox? The episode opens with Penny and Desmond having a baby. Flash forward a couple of years and Desmond is on his way to Oxford to find Daniel Faraday's mother, but first, he says goodbye to Penny and the baby... little Charlie. On the island, our castaways end up in the 50s after another time flash. Locke is speaking to Richard and finds out that one of the Others is Charles. Charles Widmore. So Charles was on the island once... and Penny's baby is named Charlie... in LOST-land, I'm thinking it's quite possible that Charles is his own grandfather.

Somewhere in Time - Daniel left a girl behind in England. A girl that he did experiments on. Her sister said, "Sometimes she thinks she's three. Sometimes she talks to our dead father." So poor Theresa must be skipping around in time, at least in her mind.

See This Compass? When all the time jumping started, Richard found Locke, treated his leg wound, and gave him a compass. Where did Richard get the compass? In this episode, we find out that Locke gives it to him in the 50s jump, but Richard has never seen it before. So Richard gets it from Locke. And Locke got it from Richard. This is also the same compass from last season when Richard visited young Locke and asked him to pick which item he had owned. But of course, Locke didn't recognize it because Richard hadn't given it to him yet, because he hadn't gotten it from Locke yet because... Ouch. Brain cramp.

Are You My Mother? Daniel thought that Ellie, the woman taking him at gunpoint to the hydrogen bomb, was familiar. Could it be that Ellie is actually Eloise Hawking, who it appears is Daniel's mother? And since Widmore was on the island at the same time, what are the chances that he's Danny's daddy? Hmmm...

Okay, that's enough mind bending for one day. What about you? What crazy stuff have you found in LOST?


windycindy said...

My youngest son and I am such big fans of LOST! It is supposed to end in 2010. I wonder if all will ever be figured out. Thanks, Cindi

Jennifer AlLee said...

The nice thing about knowing when it's going to end is that the writers know exactly how to pace and plot out the rest of the story. I'm confident they'll tie up most of the dangling threads by then.