Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love Those Libraries!

I think public libraries are fabulous! And here are a few reasons why:

Free Stuff - Where else can you get books, periodicals, CDs and DVDs for free? Of course, you have to take them back before the due date, but that's not too hard.

Because I have so many other outlets for books, I usually only pickup DVDs and CDs. You have to be patient, because there's a waiting list for new releases, but thanks to the Summerlin Library my family has watched the entire Alias series (so much fun to revisit), the first three seasons of Stargate Atlantis (still waiting on Season 4), and various miscellaneous movies. It also gives me the chance to try out a CD before I buy it.

Online Request System - I don't know if every library has this, but here in Clark County, we can log in to the website and request items. When they arrive, you get an email letting you know. How cool is that?

They've Got My Book! - I did some searching today and found that my book is in 203 libraries. Now I realize that's not as many as a lot of other authors, but for me, a first timer, it's exciting. It's also cool to see how many times it's been checked out at various locations. It means people have read it! (If you want to know more about the book, check out my website.)


Lindsey said...

Haha, that's why I love my library so much! Well, I would love it anyway since it's full of BOOKS, but it ROCKS to be able to "order" books online and go pick them up! :-)

And I borrowed all the Stargate Atlantis seasons too! Those were so good. :-)

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