Thursday, April 23, 2009

Want to Read a Book that Won't Let You Go?

I read a lot of books. Some are great, most are good, and a few are a chore to get through. So to have one so totally capture my imagination that I want to do nothing but read it is a rare treat. Beyond This Moment by Tamera Alexander is that kind of book.

Dr. Molly Whitcomb, Professor of Romance Languages, arrives in Timber Ridge needing to start a new life. As the new teacher, she's quickly embraced by most of the town, particularly the handsome and principled sheriff, James McPherson. But Molly has a secret, and the longer she keeps it to herself, the higher the price she'll pay when it becomes known to everyone.

Ms. Alexander has woven an enthralling tale of life in the Colorado Territory. This is the old west as few people have seen it. It's a land of sweeping mountain vistas and breathtaking beauty. And it's a land that sees the inevitable encroachment of modernization and the march of progress. A sub-plot about the Italian immigrants who have moved into the area and the way they are looked at by the locals is a fresh and timely topic for today, even in the historical setting.

In Molly and James, we have a tale as old as time; two people who find themselves falling hopelessly in love, even though they both believe they are meant to live their lives alone. As we find out more about these two, we can't help but cheer them on, wanting them to live happily ever after, even though the prospect is bleak.

Tamara Alexander is a gifted writer, one who pulls you into the story from the first page and never lets you go. She has populated the town of Timber Ridge with a group of characters you won't soon forget, and makes you wish that there were more Timber Ridge stories to read right now!

This is the second book in the Timber Ridge Reflections series. I've read them both, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary to read them chronologically. But, after you've read this one, you're going to want to read the first one, so you might as well buy them both and read them in order!

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