Friday, April 3, 2009

Falling Down on the Blog

Last week I was determined to blog more often. HA! That plan went south in a hurry. I've spent most of this week sequestered in my office with my current manuscript, polishing, improving, pumping up... I've sat in this chair so much, well, let's just say the term "saddle sore" could apply here.

Rather than write nothing, I thought I'd come here this evening and ramble about some of the things on my mind this week. Hope you enjoy it...

IS THAT ON THE EAST SIDE? During Tuesday's episode of American Idol, Kara told Adam that his song was so great, we were all there dancing with him "at Studio 57." Awe, isn't she cute. That would be Studio 54, you young thing.

IT'S NOT A BLANKET, IT'S A BATHROBE! Yes, there it is, I said it. That darn Snuggie thing that everybody's so hyped up over... it's not a blanket with sleeves, it's a backwards bathrobe. Now, don't you wish you'd realized people would pay good money for something they probably already have? I know I do.

AND WHEN DO THEY HAPPEN TO THE OTHER 20%? Here's a line from one of our local attorney commercials: "At least 80% of people will experience an accident in their lifetime." You don't say...

TWOOGLE? Just read today that Google is trying to buy Twitter. Of course, Twitter already turned down an offer from Facebook - I heard they offered around half a billion. I'm thinking the Twitter folk won't settle for anything less than a 140 character deal.

That's all the fascinating observations I have for now. Have you seen anything interesting this week?


coffee maker said...

none of us can escape the snuggie

Jennifer AlLee said...

HA! I saw a cartoon where a teenager asks his grandparents, "What are you wearing?"
"Snuggies," they reply.
"Thank God," he says. "For a minute I thought you joined a cult."