Monday, December 7, 2009

Have you heard? It's time to vote in Phase 3 of the Marcher Lord Select contest!

Since I've been inundating you with posts, I'm going to keep this one as short and sweet at possible.

The polls are now open for Phase 3 of the Marcher Lord Select contest. This link will take you straight to the polls. If you haven't participated before, that's okay. You'll just be asked to register first.

During this round, you need to vote for three exactly. No more and no less. (If you vote for any other number, your vote won't count.)  This time, Jeff is leaving the polls open longer so no readers get left behind. You have from now until midnight Eastern time on Tuesday, December 15th to cast your vote.

Only three entries will advance to the last round of this contest, and one of those will be published by Marcher Lord Press. The rankings have been extremely close, so even if you haven't participated up to this point, I encourage you to check out the entries and cast your votes. Naturally, I hope you'll enjoy my entry enough to make it one of your three :+}

If you haven't read the first 30 pages of my novel, Vinnie's Diner, or the other seven entries and would like to, this blog post tells you everything you need to know.

Thanks again, friends. We've come this far together. I hope I'll have great news for you all on the 16th!

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Grace Bridges said...

If I were a betting type, my money'd be on you :) Isn't this exciting!