Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not Wasting the Waiting

Have you ever noticed how some folks like to make up rhyming mottos for the year? You know, things like Feeling Great in 2008! Well, if I were to assign a snappy saying to last year, it would have to be Waiting in Line in 2009. Because it feels like I spent a good chunk of the year waiting for things to happen.

About a hundred years ago, when I decided to chase the elusive career title of "writer", I knew it would take hard work. I knew I would have to study, learn my craft, and write even when I didn't feel like it. But I never grasped how much of this business involves waiting on responses from others. It seems like I'm always waiting on an email or (less often) a phone call, either from someone I'm already working with or someone I hope to work with.

And my personal life hasn't moved any faster. This summer, we decided it was time to buy a house. In the current economic climate, you wouldn't think buying a house would take too long. Guess again. There's a long (and to you, probably boring) story behind it, but we've spent the last six months on this project. We are currently in the process of buying a short-sale home. The name is misleading because there's nothing short about it. I'm happy because I feel like this is the house we're supposed to wind up in. But I still don't enjoy the waiting.

My biggest problem is that I don't spend my waiting time well. There are lots of things I need to do. Packing, for one. But then how do I know what to pack when I have no idea when we'll actually move? So, the packing doesn't get done.

Of course, there's always something that needs to be written. I really should be working on a new book right now. Should is the operative word, there. While I have been working on different projects, I have yet to commit myself to the one... that new, glistening concept that I will dedicate the next however-many months of my life to until it's complete. Nope. Right now, I'm kind of speed-dating my manuscript ideas.

One of my goals for 2010 is to manage my time better, and I need your help to do it. Even if you don't comment on the blog, it's okay. I know you're out there. So I'm going to be accountable to you. My hope is that, by sharing my goals with you, I will actually accomplish them. Because if I don't, I'll have to answer to y'all.

So here's goal number one: commit to a new novel to complete in 2010.
And here's my deadline: January 1st.

On New Year's Day, come check up on me and I'll give you a sneak peak for my new novel. I hope!

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Samantha Thomas said...

Jen, that's a great idea. Here's a first New Year's toast to making something stick on the wall besides dirt. Sara

Jennifer AlLee said...

Thanks, Samantha. I hope you come back and let us know what sticks on your wall :+}