Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things I Hope Won't Follow Us Into 2010

I believe in thinking positively. And I believe 2010 is going to be an absolutely fabulous year, especially if we can leave these things behind us...

Annoying Catchphrases - We've all got them... those phrases we've heard (or read) so many times that we pray they go away. Next year, I hope nobody offers me their "two cents worth" (or two shekels, or any derivative thereof). And I'd be extremely happy to never again read "inquiring minds want to know."

Reality TV Families - I enjoy reality TV shows that involve people with a skill (So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol) or in a hearty competition (Survivor). There are other shows I don't watch, but can understand why others do. And then there are those I think are ridiculous and have no interest in, but the participants are adults, so more power to them. But one thing I wish would come to an end are reality shows that revolve around families with young children. Jon and Kate are a worst-case example of what happens when you put a family under a microscope. No kids should have to live like that. Period.

Mistresses Outing Themselves - A sports figure falling off his pedestal isn't all that shocking. What I found surprising - and pretty appalling - was when all the mistresses stepped into the spotlight. What's with that? It's not like they're coming out against injustice. These are all women who had an affair with a married man and now they're grabbing their moment in front of the tabloid TV cameras. It's weird to me that behavior which was once regrettable is now embraced.

People Tweeting when they should be Participating - Have you ever noticed that some people use Twitter at highly inappropriate times? Tweets from the middle of movies, giving a play-by-play of a sporting event, or from the middle of a family event make me scratch my head. Seriously, I'd be kinda ticked if I was spending the day with a friend and she pulled out her cell phone every ten minutes to share with her Tweeps. But one of the most bizarre examples of this is when two people I follow were out to dinner with each other... and they were both tweeting about how much fun they were having with the other person. I guess they liked watching each other's thumbs fly.

Annoying Other People - As I write this, I fully realize there are things I do that annoy other people. I'm going to do my best not to repeat that behavior in 2010. I'm sure my patient son and husband will be happy to hear that!


Karen Lange said...

Yes, there are some things and habits that I want to leave in 2009. Looking ahead to 2010 for better things! Blessings and Happy New Year to you and your readers:)

Jennifer AlLee said...

Thanks, Karen. A blessed 2010 to you, as well!