Monday, January 4, 2010

Bookmark Creation Via a Parade of File Extensions

Well, the new year is starting off at a crawl. I hoped to have a lot of work done on my WIP by now. Not so much. Of course, today is the first day of the first full week of the year, so it's a good time to get started. I'm not beat yet!

One thing I did accomplish this weekend was ordering bookmarks to promote my new novel, The Pastor's Wife. I'm sure that sounds simple, but it's not. My insanely talented friend designed a bookmark for me, so I thought I had it licked. But every time I tried to upload it to the printer website, I got a message that the resolution was too low. Not wanting to bug my buddy yet again, I decided to create my own bookmark image.

Long ago in the techy-stone-age, I learned how to do desktop publishing on Microsoft Publisher, a program which is regarded as something of a joke by professional graphics folk. But I like it. It's easy for me. And I haven't mastered the learning curve of Adobe Photoshop yet. Problem is, most printers refuse to work with Publisher files.

Now I was in a pickle. But I figured out a work around.

I designed my bookmark in Publisher. I then converted it to a PDF. Then I opened that up in Adobe where I was able to save it as the proper file type.


So, while I didn't get any new writing done, I did expand my mind and complete a task that was at the top of my To Do list. And I did it all without cursing. Ten points for me!

And how was your day?


Tamika: said...

I just had a ta-dah moment! Your book is on my TBR list! Is it available on Kindle?

Lisa Karon Richardson said...

It looks great Jen. I love the daisy on the bottom. Perfect touch!

Jennifer AlLee said...

Hey Tamika! Thanks so much for adding my book to your list. It comes out on February 1st and I'm very happy that it WILL be available on Kindle. I really hope you enjoy it!

Lisa, my dear, thanks for the thumbs up. I don't know what happened with the file you sent me. Even though everything looked good, Vista Print kept saying the res was too low. (I even checked the file in Photoshop, and it said the res was fine. AAAARGH!) Anyway, maybe it was God's way of nudging me to do it myself. Even though you're still better at it than I am, it's good that I faced my multi-program fears and conquered the bookmark!