Friday, January 1, 2010

New Goal #1 - Announcing the New Work-In-Progress

Okay, folks. After much consideration, I've decided what the next book will be...

Come Together - a futuristic medical thriller.

From a business standpoint, this may not seem like the best choice. After all, my first two published books are both contemporary romantic fiction, so I'm kind of stepping out of that genre. However, I do have my reasons:

  • I want to push myself - By writing something so different, I'm going to need to stretch and go beyond what I'm comfortable with. I think that's a good thing.
  • I love weird stuff - I read just about everything, but when it comes to TV, my favorite shows tend to be those with sci-fi tendencies: LOST, V, Flash Forward, Stargate SG-1... Need I go on?
  • I'm already working on another book - Yes, it's true. My buddy, Lisa, and I decided to take a stab at co-writing a book. It's a historical romantic mystery. So I want my solo book to be completely on the other end of the fiction spectrum.
  • I can always adapt - If I get a nibble or an actual bite from an editor who wants a different story, I will happily switch horses. That's the nice thing about not having a contract for the story you're working on. (Truthfully, that's the only nice thing about it.)
There you have it. My thought process, scattered though it may be. And here, for your enjoyment (hopefully) is a short blurb for my new work-in-progress, Come Together

In 2063 the Inmate Organ Donor Program is in full swing thanks to the success of a breakthrough anti-rejection drug created by DNA therapy expert Dr. Stella Ramirez. But something's gone wrong. Within the span of two weeks, seven people report odd side effects. They’re doing things they didn’t know how to do before, going places they’ve never been yet knowing exactly how to get there, and having flashes of memory that don’t belong to them. After some digging, Dr. Ramirez makes a troubling discovery. They all have one thing in common. They all received transplants from the same donor: Bart Myers.

As Stella searches for an answer to this medical mystery, she uncovers even more disturbing information about the donor program. An investigative reporter, Myers was convicted of a murder he claimed he didn’t commit just days before it was made public that his brother, Franklin, founder of the IODP, needed a bone marrow transplant.

Stella knows she’s being followed, but it’s not until someone close to the investigation disappears that she realizes the danger she’s in. Stella and the affected transplant recipients must come together to save each other, avenge the death of an innocent man, and expose the corruption that snakes its way to the highest levels of the government

Yowza. This one's definitely going to stretch me... an ensemble cast, multiple storylines, and politics. Well, there's only one way to write it. One word at a time. To that end, here's goal #2 for the year: Write 1000 words a day at least five days a week. I'll let you know how that goes.

Now, what about you? What's your goal this year? Is there something that you need some accountability help with? Maybe we can help each other.

Happy New Year to you all!

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Robynn Tolbert said...

Jennifer, this sounds like another book of yours I would read if given the chance. Best wishes on the writing!
I hope you'll continue to market Vinnie's Diner, though. I'd hate to see that sit in the proverbial drawer.

Suzie Johnson said...

Okay, Jen. I'm hooked already. Write more words faster, please.

Jennifer AlLee said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Suzie. I've already got the first 2 chapters written, so at least I'm not starting from scratch.

Robynn, great to see you here! Don't worry, Vinnie will not languish in a drawer, proverbial or otherwise. Jeff invited me to submit a revised manuscript to him for consideration, so that door is still cracked open. And I have a few other avenues to explore. Worst case scenario, I'll self-pub (only after ALL other options have failed). Vinnie's too important to me to give up on it!