Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Idol or American Snooze Fest?

I'm just not feeling the American Idol love right now. Having a top 36 sounded like a good idea, but the reality is that most of the contestants trying to get a spot in the top 12 are pretty boring. Don't get me wrong, there are some good voices in the group, but also a lot of forgettable stuff. So here are my very short thoughts about tonight's show:

WATCH OUT FOR MEATLOAF - When I heard that Nathaniel Marshall was singing "I Would Do Anything For Love" I wanted him to do well. I really did. But it was all wrong. Meatloaf (of whom I am a fan, BTW) is a very theatrical singer. Someone like Adam Lambert could pull off Meatloaf. Poor Nathaniel just came across as corny.

SOMEBODY MUZZLE THE JUDGES - I have to say, four judges seems to be one too many. There's so much talking, it's turning into the "American Judges" show. And all their bickering is downright annoying. Please make it stop!

IT'S NOT ABOUT FUN - If I hear one more contestant say, "I had fun up here" after they turn in a less than stellar performance... Singing in the car is fun. Singing in front of an audience should be fun, but it should also be ON KEY.

Okay, enough ranting from me. Here are my picks for who'll go through tomorrow night:

Top Male - Jorge Nunez - The guy from Puerto Rico has a great voice and he can't help but speak in Spanish when he's excited. How cute is that?
Top Female - Lil Rounds - Two words: No Contest.
Top Third Overall - Felicia Barton - A last minute addition, Felicia has a great voice and cool personality to boot.
Wild Card Choice - Scott MacIntyre - While not the best singer, he's definitely one of the most sincere. And his joking high five with Ryan was priceless.

Your turn! What do you think?

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