Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol: Who Are the Two to Go?

We finally got to see the top 13 tonight on the big stage. And it was quite an interesting show.

A MATTER OF TASTE - All these folks can sing. What it's going to come down to is personal preference. For example, I know lots of people who love Jasmine and Kris, but they don't do anything for me. And that's okay.

QUIRKY WINS ME OVER - The judges weren't crazy about Megan's rendition of Rockin' Robin, but I loved it. From her unusual vocal tone to her contradictory full arm tattoo and girl-next-door look, she's different. In a good way. I don't expect her to win, but I hope she stays around for a while.

AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE? Don't get me wrong... I love Adam. In fact, he's in my personal top three. But I have to wonder if his experience in musical theater gives him an advantage over the other contestants. When it comes to mere stage presence, he's got everyone else beat.

AND SPEAKING OF MY PERSONAL TOP THREE... Now that we've gotten to hear all the contestants in one night, I'm ready to pick my top three: Danny, Adam, and Scott. That's right, I don't see one of the girls in the top three.

WHY NOT LIL? I think Lil is great. But Fantasia not withstanding, American Idol has historically not been good to powerhouse, African American women. Think about it... Tamyra Gray (season 1 - 4th place), Jennifer Hudson (season 3 - 7th place), LaToya London (season 3 - 4th place)... I don't know why this is, but it concerns me about how long Lil will last.

So, based purely on my personal preferences, I think Jasmine and Kris will go home tomorrow. What do you think?


CherylStJohn said...


I'm with you! Check out my similar predictions!

Jennifer AlLee said...

Yep, we'll on the same wave length, Cheryl!