Thursday, March 26, 2009

Motown Night on American Idol

It was Motown Night on American Idol and surprises did abound. From Paula's prom dress to the very sad face job of a famous singer in the audience, you never knew what to expect. I was looking forward to tonight because, really, Motown offers something for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone nabbed a song that was right for them. But others were awesome. Here are my weekly Idol thoughts:

ADAM'S THE MAN! People used to seeing over the top, theatrical Adam were surprised tonight by the clean-cut, suit wearing, non-eyelinered, natural finger nailed Adam. He delivered a rendition of Tracks of My Tears that even had Smokey Robinson giving him a standing O. Tonight we got to see just how much range this talented singer has. And is it just me, or did he look an awful lot like Dean Cain back in his Lois & Clark days?

IT'S STARTING ALREADY... Allison has a great voice. But one thing I've worried about is her starting to sound the same on every song. It happened tonight. The judges loved it, but to me it sounded like every other song she's sung. I hope she mixes it up a little next week.

WHAT'S HAPPENING TO LIL? She should have been great tonight. I mean come on... the woman's been compared to Mary J. Blige, so she should have rocked Motown night. Not so. Her Heatwave ended up being luke warm. She struggled to keep up with the the fast tempo which made her sound shouty and at times off-key. She'll make it through to next week, but this is two disappointing weeks in a row. Lil needs to up her game.

MATT WON ME OVER - With his soulful rendition of Let's Get it On, Matt brought me all the way over into his corner. Which leads me to...

I'M CHANGING MY MIND - Early on, I predicted that the top three would be Adam, Danny, and Scott. I still think the top three will be men, but I'm replacing Scott with Matt. Matt consistently gets better and better, while Scott has been a bit of a disappointment. I love the guy, think he's got a great sense of humor, but I don't think his vocals are good enough to get him to the end.

So, who's going home tomorrow? Based on tonight, I would say Scott and Megan will be in the bottom two, and Megan will go home. It pains me to say it, because I think she's great, but tonight's performance was not good.

And here is my new, official prediction for the finale: Adam and Danny, with Adam coming out the winner. That's what I think, and I'm sticking to it.

What do you think?


Jaime said...

Totally agree with all of your assessments, including the Dean Cain look alike! :) Matt has been my favorite and I thought Danny, as much I like him, was a little insulting to Smokey by not taking his advice to drop the background singers. Did they ever say why?? :)
Nice blog btw! :)

Jennifer AlLee said...

Thanks, Jaime. Yeah, I thought the same thing about Danny. They made a point of mentioning it in the film clip, then he didn't do it which stuck out like a sore thumb. It's possible that he just didn't have time to say why, because at that point the show was running long and they were rushing through the judges. Who knows?

So what did you think of Michael going home tonight?