Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Country Night on American Idol

Country night is always a little scary. It's hard to know what someone like Adam will do to a country song. Then again, sometimes the singers you expect the most out of don't deliver. Here are my thoughts:

ADAM DELIVERED - Johnny Cash may be rolling over in his grave, but Adam's spin on Ring of Fire gave me chills...in a good way. Randy and Kara were confused by it, but I thought it was great. If he'd tried to sing it with a straight country flavor, we would have heard comments like "you lost your edge." I thought it was fab.

MEGAN BATTLES ILLNESS - If not for the coughing at the end, you'd never know Megan was sick with the flu (sick enough to go to the hospital). Her rendition of Walking After Midnight was so very cool. And she looked gorgeous. I love that girl.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE NIGHT - Lil. Sorry, but today, she was the weakest singer, IMO. Rather than give it a soulful spin, she tried to "honor the music." But her rendition of Independence Day fizzled like a defective firecracker. She wasn't bad, she hit all the notes, but the song didn't feel right. Which is sad, because I truly do enjoy the super talented Lil.

So who do I think will go home? Based solely on tonight's performance, I would say the bottom two will be Michael and Lil. And I think Lil will go home, unless the judges save her.

That prediction is going to make me unpopular, I know. But all these kids can really sing. Now it's a matter of proving yourself each week. And tonight, I wasn't feeling any Lil love.

What do YOU think?


Tina Dee Books said...

Aww man! Missed the twang...actually haven't seen the show the whole season, it's been crazy busy. I do really enjoy that show (the earlier shows in the season where everyone's trying out--some hilarious folks).


sherrinda said...

I can't remember the guy's name, but he is the one who is visually impaired. I thought he didn't do as well. Also, the little blond girl with the pink highlights....she wasn't my favorite. Those are my picks to go.

Andi said...

Sorry the worst singer and the one that should've gone home was Adam! He ruined Ring Of Fire! I am just betting that Johnny Cash is flippin' in his grave! LOL

Jennifer AlLee said...

Well, the bottom two were Michael (I got that right) and Alexis. Alexis went home, so you got it right, sherrinda!

Scott - he's the one who's legally blind - doesn't have the most amazing voice, I agree. But he's got a very sincere, sweet spirit about him. I like him even more now that he gets to play the piano.

Sorry, Andi, I'm an Adam fan! But I completely understand that his "Ring of Fire" isn't for everyone.